MedKal Health

Developing next generation connected healthcare

Wireframing and Prototyping

In order to ensure a seamless user experience and bringing MedKal’s idea to fruition, we spent a 2 week period creating user flows based on  Medkal’s concept. We created a wireframe detailing all the features and functions of the entire mobile application and admin dashboard. 

Design and Development

Building on the wireframe , we used MedKal’s branding, guidance and input to design a high def prototype of the new application  ready for development. 

Once the design was completed, the Na:gne development team put together a technical architecture based on and built using the latest application development such as Flutter, Ionic and Angular and a scalable cloud based backend - Google Firebase. The development was planned in 4  x 2-week sprints which were completed on time and deployed. We brought in our Lead Engineer to successfully work on bluetooth capabilities of connecting the mobile application to a hardware device.

The End Product

On completion of the first MVP, we are now continuing to work with MedKal whilst testing with users and adding new features to the product. You can learn more about their plans and solutions at

Looking Forward

It’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work alongside MedKal Health and watch their idea and now product come to light. We look forward to seeing them make an impact in the Health Tech space and will support them every step of the way. 

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