2022 in review

January 5, 2023

As we embark upon a new year, we would like to take a moment to thank all of you; our clients, contractors, and everyone who’s supported us, for an incredible past year. It’s been a year filled with challenges and achievements, and we are extremely grateful for the journey and for all the amazing souls we’ve had the opportunity to meet along the way.

2022 has been a very hectic year. We’ve been relatively quiet online, but make no mistakes, we’ve been rolling up our sleeves behind the screens, and therefore, would like to give you a peek into the different projects we’ve been working on.


We worked with Prof Lawrence Barsalou and his team from the University of Glasgow to design and develop Situate, a web-based platform. We built two versions of Situate - one which is aimed at helping people work with Stress, and another one which is aimed at helping people deal with Trichotillomania (‘Trich’). In a nutshell, Situate helps people identify the challenging situations and triggers in their life which cause the problem, and then helps them learn and apply specific skills in those specific situations.

From Prof Lawrence Barsalou, University of Glasgow:

"We have really enjoyed working with Na:gne and love what they’ve produced for us. We’ve presented them with a lot of technical challenges, and they’ve always risen to the occasion. It wasn’t obvious initially how to implement a complex novel piece of software like ours. After exploring a variety of possibilities, Na:gne came up with a brilliant solution that we’ve worked with since. Once an initial version of the software had been implemented, they were responsive and effective in fixing bugs and polishing everything to create a high-quality final piece of software."


We started designing and developing the Enjoy Club app, which will allow people to know about various interesting deals on places to eat, visit, and stay, among others, in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. They'll then be able to register for a digital membership card via the app, which they can then use on site to benefit from those deals. The app is planned to be live during the third week of January.

From Jim McGrath, Enjoyclub Limited:

"Working with Cedric and his fabulous team has been a pleasure for me. Their attention to detail is impeccable and I look forward to launching the app in January."


In 2022, we helped Obvlo (formerly Secret Takeaways) launch and grow their product as they expanded to multiple cities in the UK and in the US.

From Andreas Granmo, CTO at Obvlo:

"We have found Cedric and Ben to be extremely competent and professional and we have always been able to rely on them to deliver the highest quality output on time, every time. Rather than acting as a supplier they are a partner who have always operated as an extension of our team which works really well for us."

Medkal Health

We worked with Medkal Health to design and develop their new website to make it more modern and appealing to its target audience, both in terms of aesthetics and copy. We also designed and created their new pitch deck for partners and investors.

From Kyle Lifson, CEO Medkal Health:

"A pleasure to work with Cedric and his team at Nagne Studio as they re-designed our website and pitch decks and we were delighted with the high quality design and seamless development process for our website and decks. Cedric and his team were great ; responsive and agile during the process to achieve our goals and tremendous thanks for the excellent work and patience on the project."

Bender - a dating app

In 2022, we supported Bender while they grew their audience base. We made sure the app was running smoothly by fixing small bugs, and added a couple of functionalities such as the ability to send group messages to users, and providing users with promo codes which they could redeem to gain access for free for a certain period of time to premium features.

From Scott, Kevin, and Steven, Bender:

"Cedric and his team were involved in development of  the Bender Dating App. We really like having someone who helped build the app involved in maintenance and development of future features. The app was a software development collaboration across six countries and a textbook example of teamwork."

The Player ID Platform

The Player ID Platform is a web-based platform for football players and scouts. It allows football players to provide information about themselves (including e.g. recordings of training sessions) and therefore provides scouts with the information and statistics they need to help them find the next star player. Players can also receive video analysis and reports to help them develop. In 2022, we've supported The Player ID Platform as they've launched, and helped them make small tweaks to the platform.

From Daniel Lillebø Wold, The Player ID Platform:

"Nagne have helped us implement important features and changes to our platform, which has allowed us to test and launch successfully. The team has been helpful in finding the best solution to fit our development needs."


In 2022, we helped Drake Music Scotland deliver the MVP of the Figurenotes Music Hub, a web-based platform aimed at music teachers and students. It allows teachers to run classes by sharing music resources with their students, and students can share their assignments, amongst others.

We love bringing ideas to life and transforming them into digital products and really look forward to continuing doing this in 2023. If this is something you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch - we’ll do our utmost best to help.

We wish all of you, your friends, and families, all the happiness in the world in 2023.

From the Na:gne team!

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