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I'm a passionate technologist with over ten years of experience working in tech leadership and software engineering roles. I've worked mainly with small to medium size businesses on a wide variety of products in different industries including hospitality, entertainment, mental health, property management, and climate change.

I've seen what it takes to trial ideas, iterate products, and build platforms that work at scale. I'd love to help build yours.
Cedric Clain

CEO | Head of Development & Marketing

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Product Discovery Services designed for you.

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Product Scoping

Turn your idea into an actionable product scope with busines and technical requirements.

x2 workshops with full-stack team
Feature definition
User flow definitions
Delivery sizing
Delivery costing
Recommendations document
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Product Gap-Analysis

Have our industry experts review your product and market to find valuable and actionable opportunities.

x2 workshops with product & commercial
Product investigation
Competitor analysis
Market research
Opportunties/gap analysis
Handover and documentation
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Product Discovery Add-Ons designed for you.

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Digital Strategy

Research and development of a strategic plan surrounding the opportunties for your digital product suite.

x1 digital strategy workshop
Market investigation
Opportunity anlaysis
Product direction proposal
Product roadmap recommendations
Handover and documentation
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Market Research

Analysis of a target market, existing solutions and potential market advantages.

Sector analysis
Branding research
Potential competitor analysis
Opportunity user requirement defintions
x1 market analysis workshop
Handover and documentation
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Talk To UsWhy Us?

Out Technology Stack.

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Product Discovery
UX Design
UI Design
Marketing Stack
Campaign Tools
Communication Stack
Project Management

We believe in what we do,
 and we do what we say.

Software experts

We're the software experts. Our entire team has spent their careers delivering software for clients and customers all over the world, growing new digital platforms and building sustainable products.

Decades of experience

Whether you are looking for experience in startups and the modern SaaS world, or experience in global technology and financial enterprises, you've found the right team to deliver your product.

Trusted partner

We don't focus on one-off projects and churning through as many apps as possible, we try to partner with all of our customers for the long term, focusing on your long term success and helping you scale.


We aim to bring better value than our competitors to all of our customers. Based in Scotland (make of that what you will...) we aim to ensure your money gets you value in return - and we don't subscribe to the 60% mark-ups that the big players do!


Transparency is the key to a good working relationship with all of our customers. Transparency about costs, viability of ideas, timelines and more. Even before you're a customer we provide complete breakdowns of costs, estimates, tasks, and assumptions.


From day one we commit to being honest with everyone. That includes leads who we think would be better off going with an off-the-shelf solution, or a competitor. We are committed to being honest about what is best for you - and what we can deliver uniquely.


Flexibility enables founders and business to create products at their own rate. We provide flexibility in our plans, packages, platforms, pricing and more. The only thing we aren't flexible on is the timelines we commit to for your services.


We care about your business, your idea, your success - you. We learn about your idea and product and make sure that what we are delivering is what you need, what will help your product get to the next stage, and what will help you succeed.


You only live once, and we aren't here to work with teams and businesses we don't get along with. We work with people that we enjoy partnering with, we have good banter, great discussions, help you network, and celebrate each others success.