Development services for your next custom app or website.

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Our team of experts can provide all of your engineering needs, from technical advice to agile development teams.

What you get with our development services.

Prototyping & design of interface

We create interactive prototypes which functions as similar as possible to the actual product that will ship allowing you to test it with real users and provide final-design approval before development.

Wireframing & user journeys

We produce low-fidelity designs that map out the potential user journeys through your app or website. The user journeys are designed in wireframes and flow maps so you can test these concepts with real users.

Authentication, hosting, cloud storage, real-time database, cloud functions

We deliver everything you need for a modern cloud based app - that means securely storing and accessing data, creating user accounts, scaling for usage spikes and creating rapid and smooth experiences.

Front-end development

Our front-end engineers are experts in over a dozen languages and can provide you advice on the best options for your product, along with the scalable resource to deliver sprints as you require them OR deliver projects as quickly as funding or timelines demand.

Back-end development

Our back-end engineers can deliver advice on the best services and languages for your platform, then develop robust and rapid back-end services to ensure your project delivers incredible experiences for your new customers and clients. And as always, out teams can scale with your needs.

Native mobile features

Create incredible apps by making the most of mobile devices by using native features such as push notifications, health info, camera access and much more. Our team has your covered with the experience to deliver seamless device experiences on iOS and Android operating systems.

External API integrations

Integrations can be key to success, so we can help you integrate with the services you need, whether that be CRM data, medical data, or open banking data – we’ve got you covered.

Machine learning features

Need to add extra intelligence to your application? We’ve got you covered, our team includes Machine Learning experts that can build AI features and tools for your platform that improve over time with data.

Feedback, analytics, and iterative improvements

The key to the best products is agile development - releasing features, analysing them, and improving. We deliver the tools you need to gather feedback, analyse usage and iteratively improve your product.

The development tech-stack:


Want more details? Download our complete development services guide.

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How do we develop your custom app or website?

We deliver free, no-obligation, workshops to all of our customers to understand your idea and ensure we are the best fit for your project.

Now that we understand your idea in detail we scope the entire project, accurately estimate timelines/costs and provide you a quote.

Once you've signed off on the quote we run our first project planning sessions and optimise the plan to get you the best results.

We then develop your idea in two-weekly sprints, coding your platform, and using agile reviews to build and learn as we go.

Through out the process we enable quality assurance testing or user review processes to learn and improve the product.

Pricing for Development Services:

Agile Sprint-by-Sprint Costs (sprint = 2 weeks)

If you are looking to build as much as you can within your budget, or adapt and learn what to build as you go, then our Sprint-by-sprint costs are for you. To calculate how much your project is likely to cost overall try using our pricing calculator.

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Web App/Single-Page App Development Team
For website based projects.

Standard team includes:

  • x1 Front-end [Angular/React] Software engineer
  • x1 Back-end Software engineer (5 days)
  • x1 QA/Test engineer (1 day)
  • x1 UI/UX Designer (3 days)
  • x1 Product Owner (1 day)
  • x1 Scrum master (2 days)


Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Team
For mobile based projects.

Standard team includes:

  • x1 Flutter/React.Native Software engineer
  • x1 Back-end Software engineer (5 days)
  • x1 QA/Test engineer (1 day)
  • x1 UI/UX Designer (3 days)
  • x1 Product Owner (1 day)
  • x1 Scrum master (2 days)


Native iOS & Android App Development Team
For advanced mobile projects.

Standard team includes:

  • x1 iOS Software engineer
  • x1 Android Software engineer
  • x1 Back-end Software engineer
  • x1 QA/Test engineer (1 day)
  • x1 UI/UX Designer (3 days)
  • x1 Product Owner (1 day)
  • x1 Scrum master (2 days)
Fixed Cost Packages

If you know exactly what you want built we can provide you an upfront fixed cost quote to deliver it. Below are two of our standard packages, if you are looking for something more custom then calculate your costs using our calculator, or contact us today.

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What you need to know.

How much will it cost to design and develop my app or website?

Everyone has different needs to bring their ideas to life. We can get you started on your development journey with agile sprint-by-sprint costs, meaning you can pay for 2 weeks of work by a team at a time, building what you need first as you go. The cost of a development team for one sprint starts at £3,500 and goes up depending on the expertise you need.

A typical completed MVP (minimum viable product) for an app costs around £15,000, and complex and detailed apps can range up to £50,000+.
If you don't have funding yet we can help with that too, with Proof Of Concept design packages starting from £3,350.

For more information visit our pricing page or use our pricing calculator here.

How long does it take to build my app or website?
What size and type of companies do you work with?
Where is your team located?

What people say about working with us.

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Dr. Kyle Lifson
CEO & Founder

“Working with Na:gne has been a pleasure and privilege. The team have been outstanding in perfectly grasping and conceptualising our MVP / app needs at the start of our health tech startup journey. I think the best testimony is when you aspire to partner with company in the future because you value their outstanding qualities.”

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Hannah Mercer
CEO & Founder

“Na:gne Studio was able to bring to life the vision CensorPic had to protect children in both design and user flow. Post pivot, we are continuing to re-engage with Na:gne with a better refined product, knowing we have a wealth of experience to rely on when working with them.”

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Callum MacPherson
CEO & Founder

“After obtaining proposals from multiple agencies, we found Na:gne’s approach to be the most robust and well thought through. Since the initial engagement we have continued to work closely with Na:gne on a retained basis and view them as a valued and core extension of our small team.”

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