3 Reasons For London Businesses To Use A NON-London Development Agency

March 17, 2021

Every year thousands of London businesses, both new and existing, look to develop new websites, apps, and digital platforms. To do this they seek out local agencies to develop their products, but could they do better looking further afield?

Here are the 3 key-reasons you should consider using a non-London agency for your next development project:

  1. Price reduction outside of London
  2. Expertise of remote workers
  3. Scalability of gig-economy work forces

1. Price reduction outside of London

The first big advantage of going outside of London for your next development project is the reduction in price. London agency prices are comparatively exorbitant. Why? Well for a lot of good reasons. Those agencies need to survive in London too, they need to pay for office space in London, they need to pay higher employment rates to secure the best developers they can in a city with limited people, and they need to pay for marketing and sales to acquire new clients in such a competitive market.

As soon as you head outside of London these issues greatly reduce. You don’t even need to look outside of the UK, from Bristol to Manchester to Edinburgh, there are agencies all over that have the local UK knowledge you are looking for at greatly reduced costs.

2. Expertise of remote workers

Remote working is not only the new normal, it is the best way to find the best talent and expertise. Too many times products are limited by the expertise they can find to build their unique idea. When limited to London agencies you are limited to their skill sets, the expertise they have in their particular teams, and the price that comes along with the experts you can secure in London,

Looking for an agency elsewhere means you can find the right team with the right expertise for your specific needs. You can even look at multiple agencies or find one that has existing partnerships that can scale the right resources with your needs.

3. Scalability of gig-economy work forces

That brings us to scalability of gig-economy work forces. Using agencies outside of London can bring a world of new possibilities to your product development goals. You can find agencies that work as front end suppliers backed by gig-economy work forces (imagine Uber drivers), that means they can scale up and down the resources you need with very short notice. This ensures you build things on time, can speed up development as you acquire budget or investment, and can reduce risks by avoiding high cost, long term contracts of commitment to particular agencies and projects.

You can even scrap the agency front and go directly to a gig-economy work force yourself if you have the right management members in place and can communicate and assure the quality you need.

Wrap up. 

All-in-all I believe these 3 reasons should convince any London based business looking to deliver a new digital project to consider resourcing it beyond the city borders. You can dramatically save you costs to deliver products (allowing more to be spent on further R&D), acquire the best and brightest minds for your specific needs (not just accept what is in your area), and finally scale your operations rapidly through gig-economy workforces either directly or through an agency that can help navigate these resources.

Here at Na:gne Studio we can do just that. We deliver apps and websites for dozens of businesses and use both UK resources and European resource to find the right skills and scale as our customers require. 

If you’re a London business and would like to take your business into the modern age of remote and scaling development teams we can help (and likely save you a lot of money compared with your local agencies), just get in touch with us at hello@nagne.studio or check out nagne.io to learn more.

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