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Let us bring your idea to life with wire-frames, interactive designs, and beautiful interfaces.

What you get with our design services.

Wireframes & user flows

We create flowcharts and wireframes that show a users journey from their entry point on the product, like an onboarding screen or homepage, and ends with the final action or outcome, like purchasing a product or signing up for an account.

Hi-Fi Interactive designs

We deliver high-fidelity (hi-fi) designs that appear and function as similar as possible to the actual product that will be developed allowing you to test it with real users, show proof of concepts for funding, and hand over the designs to developers to start building them.

User Goal definition

We work with you to create your User Goals for your product and the features within, including descriptions of end states that users want to reach. Creating these ensures our designs are always driving users to the right end goal for your product.

Design mood boards

We develop a collection of images, interfaces and existing products to influence the final product look and feel. This helps is find and define visual principles for the product, and ensures the finished product maintains your original vision.

Market & competitor analysis

We perform market research on the designs of products within your existing market spaces and potential competitors to understand where and how your will be positioned as a brand and business. This helps us to deliver designs that fit your industry.

User testing

Any successful design needs user testing to validate it, we can give you the tools to perform this testing through our high-fidelity design, and we can complete user testing with live users to ensure it is the perfect fit before a single line of code is written.

Design iterations from tests

We don't just deliver a design and call it a day. We work through rounds of design, research, testing and improvement to create designs that not only look good, but deliver the results and experiences you are looking for.

Copy writing

Writing copy for applications interface can be tricky. Our experts can write copy that educates users efficiently, leads them on the best journeys, and reflects your user goals and brand to help deliver the best experience possible.

File & project handover

To ensure our customers have everything they need to take their design to the next phase we run a formal design handover to go through final designs, review research, explain decisions, and provide clarity for future development or testing.

The tools we use for design:

Designs & 
wire-frame tools

Want more details? Download the complete guide to our design services.

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How do we design your custom app or website?

We research your industry, your competitors, and any references you have for your idea to understand your product from day one.

We create mood boards to define your ideas look and feel, and work with your to set user goals that the app should achieve.

We create user flows, flow charts, interaction options, and wireframes to show how users will interact with your finished product.

We turn your wireframe and user stories into a highly detailed design that looks and interacts almost exactly like the final product could.

We provide testing plans, and can run testing, to review how users interact with these high fidelity designs and improve based on real user feedback for the best possible results.

Pricing for Design Services:

Agile Sprint-by-Sprint Costs (sprint = 2 weeks)

If you are looking to build as much as you can within your budget, or adapt and learn what to build as you go, then our Sprint-by-sprint costs are for you. To calculate how much your project is likely to cost overall try using our pricing calculator.

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Web App/Single-page App Design
For website based projects.

Standard team includes:

  • x1 UI/UX designer
  • x1 project manager (part-time)


Cross-Platform Mobile App Design
For mobile based projects.

Standard team includes:

  • x1 UI/UX designer
  • x1 project manager (part-time)


Native iOS & Android App Design
For advanced mobile projects.

Standard team includes:

  • x1 UI/UX designer
  • x1 project manager (part-time)
Fixed Cost Packages

If you know exactly what you want built we can provide you an upfront fixed cost quote to deliver it. Below are two of our standard packages, if you are looking for something more custom then contact us today.

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What you need to know.

How much will it cost to design and develop my app or website?

Everyone has different needs to bring their ideas to life. We can get you started on your development journey with agile sprint-by-sprint costs, meaning you can pay for 2 weeks of work by a team at a time, building what you need first as you go. The cost of a development team for one sprint starts at £3,500 and goes up depending on the expertise you need.

A typical completed MVP (minimum viable product) for an app costs around £15,000, and complex and detailed apps can range up to £50,000+.
If you don't have funding yet we can help with that too, with Proof Of Concept design packages starting from £3,350.

For more information visit our pricing page or use our pricing calculator here.

How long does it take to build my app or website?
Can you work with my existing app or website?
Can you work with my existing app or website?

What people say about working with us.

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Hannah Mercer
CEO & Founder

“Na:gne Studio was able to bring to life the vision CensorPic had to protect children in both design and user flow. Post pivot, we are continuing to re-engage with Na:gne with a better refined product, knowing we have a wealth of experience to rely on when working with them.”

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Dr. Kyle Lifson
CEO & Founder

“Working with Na:gne has been a pleasure and privilege. The team have been outstanding in perfectly grasping and conceptualising our MVP / app needs at the start of our health tech startup journey. I think the best testimony is when you aspire to partner with company in the future because you value their outstanding qualities.”

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Callum MacPherson
CEO & Founder

“After obtaining proposals from multiple agencies, we found Na:gne’s approach to be the most robust and well thought through. Since the initial engagement we have continued to work closely with Na:gne on a retained basis and view them as a valued and core extension of our small team.”

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